Laser hair growth therapy for hair loss

Before deciding whether a laser hair growth therapy makes sense, the hair loss specialist should first find the exact causes for the existing hair loss. For this purpose, an extensive laboratory examination from the blood and the so-called triclosan analysis are usually necessary. If the reason is definite, laser treatment for hair loss can be started either alone or in combination with other therapies. Today there are at least two different laser systems, each with completely different mechanisms of action, used to combat hair loss or to stimulate hair regrowth.

Which techniques are used for laser therapy for hair loss?

The low-level diode laser, on the one hand, consists of many up to 200 laser diodes, which are positioned close to the scalp in a kind of concave mirror like a hairdryer hood. These diodes radiate laser light from the infrared wavelength range deep into the scalp and thereby stimulate the mitochondria of the micromotor hair root to maximum activity. As a result, the metabolic activity of the individual hair roots increases dramatically, which on the one hand, leads to an invigoration of the hair roots and thus counteracts slight extensibility of the hair or hair loss!

On the other hand, it promotes thereby the growth rate of the individual hair demonstrably, so that it can come after a certain number of sessions to a visible hair thickening on the scalp. Treatment is performed two times a week in the initial phase. Later, the need for laser irradiation is reduced to about one time per month. The total duration of treatment may take 1 to 1.5 years, depending on the procedure.

How much does it cost for the hair laser treatment?

The cost of laser treatment costs around $60 to $100 per session. However, package prices are also possible. Excellent is the procedure with the diode laser to stimulate hair growth for women with thinner hair on the top of the head and for men with balding.

What chances of success have laser hair loss?

Scientific studies show impressive results, especially of the diode laser, against the diffuse and hormonal hair loss in women and men. We also see significant stimulation of hair regrowth, with a minimum of 10-12 sessions required before the first new hair becomes visible. But also, the fractional laser is increasingly used not only in circular hair loss but also in the androgenetic alopecia of the man lately.

Side effects are infrequent and are limited in the diode laser to a slight but not unpleasant warming of the scalp; The Fractional Laser will experience a mild burning sensation during treatment, and following treatment with laser, the treated area may be temporarily reddened. In extreme cases, slight crusting remains on the skin for a few days.